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HPS is Factory Trained AEM EMS Tuner. We specialize in tuning AEM EMS ECU!

How Do We Charge for Dyno Time?
HPS charges in one of two ways for dyno time.  You always have the option of paying by the hour.  Hourly fees vary by services needed (Do you need a tuner?  Do you just want to test parts?  Are you tuning your own car?).  Your dyno time starts when we begin mounting up the car (the average car takes about 10 minutes to setup on the dyno) and ends when we are either done tuning, or if you are doing the work, you tell us you are done.  You are not charged for any time required to dismount the vehicle, torque the wheels, print out dyno plots, etc.
However, for many vehicles and engine management systems, we have so much experience that we are able to offer flat rate pricing.  This means that no matter how long it takes us, you pay only one price.  But be sure to examine our list of surcharges.  Some things are not included in flat rate tuning prices.  And no matter which billing method you choose, spilling toxic chemicals on our shop floor will cost you a cleanup fee.

General Dyno Services (2WD ONLY):

Baseline Testing - 3 runs, AFR, boost sensor - $80.00
Dyno Days - 5-9 cars - $50.00
Dyno Days - 10-14 cars - $45.00
Dyno Days - 15+ cars - $40.00

Hourly Charge - Engine Management Tuning - $180.00
Hourly Charge - Non-Engine Management Tuning (distributor/fuel pressure/etc) - $130.00

Dyno Rental (owner self tuning, HPS mounts and runs car):
Hourly Charge (Normal business hours 9:00AM-6:00PM) - $130.00
Hourly Charge (After business hours by appointment only) - $200.00

Notes and Surcharges - Please Read!
-Oil or Antifreeze Hazmat Fee - If your car releases a substantial amount of oil or antifreeze you will be billed an additional $25.00

HPS Dyno Service Inquiry Form:

To get a detail quote for the dyno service, you can complete the form below and our tech support will contact you shortly via your preferred contact method.

If you have any question regarding the dyno service, please contact us via or via the phone at 866-576-2832.

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